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2021 has been tough and a great lady will be missed

I’ve been a bit quiet on the social front yet quite active behind the scenes readying up client brands for launch. Unfortunately, during the last two weeks, my grandma (ba) had passed away peacefully on 12th May 2021, and I will miss her smile. It’s more realisation that life is too short to worry about the minor areas of life and keep pushing over the hurdles. Grandma was always a caring, loving, and positive being I will have many memories of from the beginning of my life journey.

It’s hard to accept death, and though it was untimely, she will always be an inspiration and living to the beautiful age of 87. I can never forget her. Having been married at the young age of 14 (yes, culture was like that back then), she had been a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to many beautiful children. She was a loving wife and spent the majority of her life tending to my granddad, who at times wouldn’t appreciate what she has done throughout this lifetime.

For me, she was not just my grandma but also a mother who would care for me throughout her lifetime and be there when times were tough. I believe I was her favourite grandson, though some people will beg to differ, and I will appreciate all the times she was given her favourite food, massaged when she was aching or just having a Netflix and chillout session.

The belief that we’re invincible is only a substance of areas of your mind where you keep staying positive; she taught this well even when she was bed-bound for the last few years. The last two weeks have been tough to accept that those moments are now memories, but I will always know that the time we have at this very moment isn’t something that can come back.

Even before her passing, I had returned to work mode and made it a mission to make sure the Meghani name lives on long through time. You’ve just got to make the best of every situation, no matter if you feel it isn’t the best settings.
Rest in Eternal Peace Ba x

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