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A creative was born, he just didn’t know it

Who knew being born as a British Indian in East London would give me such a great journey, without actually realising it. Hi, I’m Terence Meghani, or Terry/Terra/Monkey as some people like to call me and I was born on July 8th 1989 in a little town called Newham. My parents, originally from India, had decided it’ll be a good time to bring some trouble onto earth and I was born!

Now the journey from day 1 has always been that more interesting, firstly, being called Terence in a time when traditional names was the only thing to go by and secondly, having parents as legends. I’d like to go into full detail of everything that happened, but maybe one day I’ll bring out all the VHS and Kodak images to show off on here.

I still wonder to now where this creativity had come from, as in my early days my uncles were avid drawers of cars, cartoons, landscape and more, so maybe that was a bit of influence from me. My mother was one to grab the Kodak and snap away, though I have great belief through the DNA of Meghani and Vekaria blood, that a family member actually had been a well known creative of some sort a long time back.

My journey I feel has been different from when I was young, as my parents loved travel and every year we would visit new countries. This was a massive influence for me in my unknown career of creativity to still enjoy that aspect, but also get paid for it. I’ve visited over 30+ countries and still counting, done a number of adventures including a online music blog, DJ’ing, export/import of products, Air cadets and more. 

Growing up, I’ve found myself in different types of networks which has helped me with my career and starting my journey young I only want to inspire those around me to make better of themselves.

Everything in my life has had influence to do more and even through most recently fighting depression for 2 years, this built my character and my drive for success. I’m a huge believer that you are always in control of your life and how you manifest it, which is why I hope my new website shows you a small journey in a wider galaxy.

I will be trying to write more around my personal and business adventures, as well as giving advice that I give to my clients. I hope you enjoy the work you see and don’t forget to check out my full portfolio on my other website.

Have a great weekend!


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