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Are you on track to last two years? Here's how to avoid failure.

So you’ve decided to start a business and the excitement has set in that you’re going into the unknown. You’ve written a business plan, goals and have a product you feel will work in the world. This is exactly how I felt when I started many moons back and I’m honestly going to say how excited I was starting ‘Krazy Media’ from my bedroom. I still remember sitting there deciding on a logo and having my first clients come onboard through my network.

Now we’re talking almost 8 years back and that journey has been so insightful, that the goals and plan I had back then was a load of bullshit! Sorry, guys, but it’s great planning sometimes but in the creative world it’s so different.

I love the image above as this is the reality of any business, whether you think it was overnight or not. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t create Facebook from anywhere, he had created games, apps and other utilities that then set his path to Facebook. Many known entrepreneurs had failed multiple times before actually hitting the home run and finding their feet.

The annoyance of business is it will always change with time and trend, that most who enter this realm, leave it within 2 years. I’ve met people who left their job for a day, then go back as they were so shit scared of the unknown. I don’t think many people realise how many unknowns I’ve entered and then failed, wishing I could just reverse time and start again. This isn’t the case and you have to get a grasp of failing, as winning can come every so often, but failure is a must to learn and experience more.

Even since 2020, I worked alongside businesses with expectations of riches, only because they sold me a silly dream. It hurt me mentally and drove me to depression, but I can honestly say it was the best experience I could have got myself into. Why do you ask?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been conditioned to be perfect and never do wrong. Society has taught us that when you make a mistake, you’re a fucking idiot. This isn’t true! Making mistakes is the only way to learn it over and never going back to it. James Dyson had done over 1,000 prototypes before he was at a point that he could take this to the global market. Would you fail 1,000 times to get to your beginning journey of entrepreneurship? Most wouldn’t, but this is the beauty of business.

It’s well and good trying to start a business, but it all starts within yourself, that belief factor has to be there even when you feel like a failure. If I had a penny for every time I wanted to give up, I’d be quite well off. OK, a bit of exaggeration, but it’s not just about the business or product, it’s also you and readapting over and over again, knowing failure can be a learning curve rather than a kick off the cliff edge.

The person I am now isn’t the person I was a year ago, the whole mindset has changed that I’m looking for new ways to learn more, eat healthier, be kinder to myself and sometimes, just going with the flow.

The image referenced above is so true, that it’s worth putting by your bedside or office to reference back to when you have those really shit days. I’ve started to tap into more than ever and dopamine is now easily accessible than ever. I hope you understand the only person who will believe in you, is you and those around you will support you as much as you support yourself. Make the change you want today, that when you are by your final hours of this life, you can be proud you took the risk.

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