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Business can change your psychology and perception around life, here’s why!

It’s a choice between comfort and taking the risk that can not only change your income, but the person you will be throughout life.

Lockdown eases, but be cautious…

Some may find this controversial and some will agree, but it’s only Tuesday and I’ve driven past a number of breakfast bars and pubs to find them packed!

How many hours do you spend each week watching YouTube?

How many hours do you spend each week watching YouTube? Upgrade to YouTube Premium to enhance your knowledge, skills and improve your skills.

Are you on track to last two years? Here’s how to avoid failure.​

If you’ve started a business, you have to have a passion or a goal for what you’re getting yourself into. Business is not easy.

Dreaming like it’s November 2021

It’s been a Krazy few weeks so far, with many areas developing that is setting me up for the unknown at times. Between this all, my minds been getting around 5-hours of sleep every day, waking up buzzing to start the next day.

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For the ❤ of creativity

So everyone knows, this is my own journal which I’ll start adding random points of time that influenced me through to where I am today.

A creative was born, he just didn’t know it

Who knew being born as a British Indian in East London would give me such a great journey, without actually realising it.

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