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With lockdown lifting, the time is now to support local.

Who knew 2020 and 2021 would be so different from the previous years. We’ve witnessed stock market crashes, wars and other unimaginable things in life, but who really could have predicted the majority of the United Kingdom (and the world) would be on the same boat. I’ve talked to a fair amount of business owners from all walks of life, some have thrived yet a lot have suffered not only in business but mentally.

We’re now seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I cannot stress enough to start supporting local businesses. Whether it’s your hairdresser, beautician, shop keeper, restaurant and even the postman, it is the time to support local. It’s unfortunate to hear a few people that gave up hope and ended life, just solely down to the financial stress this has caused.

It’s crazy to think that we live in a supposedly top end of the tier country compared to the rest of the world, yet the government failed so many along the way, even myself. Many had to find ways and means to make an income, kudos to you! Who do we even blame for that? Is it Boris and his staff, who numerous times were awarding huge multi-million-pound contracts to donors of the party? Is it our fault for not standing up to the elite and saying enough is enough? We will never know, unfortunately, but the time is now to support local.

If you feel to grab a meal from McDonald’s, then why not go local? Our local businesses really can do this with our help by just purchasing a product that you’d go to at a commercially supported business. I mean commercially supported as they had grants opened to them and help from the government.

As an individual who somehow survived through depression and wanting to end it twice in 2020, coming through and feeling that newfound buzz that I’ve missed for a long time. I’m now on the path to help who I can with the energy available, as well as supporting my clients where I can with consultations and help in any way possible. I’m also finding new light in bringing positivity to those within my circle, who collective know we are going to make a small difference to this world.

We’re tired of the silver-spooned twats living on this earth and hoarding what they think they own when in reality society could do with sharing a bit more love and energy to help those about. Ever noticed that so-called ‘rich being’ who only posts their expensive lifestyle, but where is the giving?

Don’t worry world, we’re in this together and Karma will come to those who least expect it.

Let’s start supporting local!
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