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The mind is doing wonderful things 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

It’s been a Krazy few weeks so far, with many areas developing that is setting me up for the unknown at times. Between this all, my minds been getting around 5-hours of sleep every day, waking up buzzing to start the next day.

The reason I wrote ‘Dreaming it’s November 2021’ was purely based on the truthful fact that I dreamt November 2021 was here and I was so disappointed. This is down to the fact the year was a blur and so much had happened that I didn’t want to end it! That feeling has become neutral day-by-day and having spent the Saturday evening chilling with family, who are also creatives, I got to enjoy time finding the influencers from the past.

I’ll be showing off some of the drawings and digital art that those around me have done in the past, which I believe is one of many reasons I took the direction I did with the business. You can see from the below collaboration of artworks from my uncles that they were quite the talent, drawing landscapes, people, cars and more.

I’m slowly trying to get access to that, but the mind is wonderful! The fact that this is a creative mind to paper drawing without any guidance always fascinates me. I believe this is natural in the blood and everyone has creativity stored away within them. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of my families creativity and I do want to access much more of that over the course of the year. Seriously, you’ll be shocked at some of the levels of detail that came out from the creatives that surround me. 

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