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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll try to answer all your queries before you contact us, but don’t forget to write down any you might want to ask.

Over our 10 year span, our branding has reached as far as Thailand and Marrakech. Our eyes have seen many industries and our methods, though some simple, all lead to growth and awareness. Some clients we have worked with include Triage Vets, News UK, Vijay’s Virasat, Royal London, Metro Laundry, First Lady London to name a few. You can also view the founders work here:

We’ve worked with design, marketing, printing, integrations and development over the many years. We’ve created systems for windows and photographed events that would wow you. As a growing team, we ensure the right people are in place.

If you’re unsure how we can help, we recommend writing your goals or have an understanding for us in place so we can make a better analyse of what you need made a reality.  Some projects can take months to develop, but we’ll work with you to understand each stage.

We can cover the United Kingdom and worldwide, but we do need an understanding before we meet. We’ve helped businesses and events around the world.

All our projects are contracted to give you a peace of mind. We want to make sure goals are aligned with brands growth and we aim for trust when working in partnership. We understand communication can be difficult due personal or business life, but we do ask for some time during our project.

You name it, we can build it. Technology is changing and based on your budgets, we can offer WordPress, Magento, Flutter, Lavarel and more. Some projects are under NDA and cannot be revealed, but our team can place your build the right way.

With any design or other elements, we use an online approval system to maintain quality and standards. When you join, we will give you a URL that will allow approval or changes.

We ensure you follow our procedure from proposal, contracts and breakdown of invoices. We simplify the process by having a phone call to understand needs, then placing a proposal for you to have in written format. Remember the project is based on communication and we place necessary areas to keep digital communication clear.

We provide bespoke server management and maintenance in all our hosting packages. We’ve given clients satisfaction in the digital world maintaining and enhancing user flow.

Krazy Media is been helping businesses launch and further develop their growth over 10 years. We’ve worked with a variety of industries in the UK and worldwide.

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