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Food4All are a UK based food bank who help those in society have a better future. The project which began back in 2016 has grown in leaps and hurdles as more people become aware of the situation for those less fortunate. Food4All aims to bring communities together to serve hot meals to those in and around London. Most recently we’ve been honoured with working alongside them with their branding and marketing, which aims to see us help run their website to gain more donations to serve more.

We’re also helping them with Photography which you can see below from the most recent giving of hot meals, which was in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. They worked alongside other charities to deliver a range of food including sandwiches, brownies, tea and even clothes. Though many aren’t aware, their are more less fortunate out their and with more cuts proposed by our Government, the communities now need to unite more then ever to help those around them.

To donate, please visit their website.