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I'm not your average creative and I'm not gloating.. ok maybe a little

Over the many years of helping businesses, I also created memories for people worldwide, and I love every part of the creative process, no matter the challenge. Although my portfolio highlights many businesses that have been launched, I wanted to mention that I love working with people and shooting in a journalistic approach for those getting married globally. 

I started behind the camera at 22 professionally but was always a creative at heart from the early days. My mum had an influence surrounding this as we have stacks of Kodak memories which I love looking at from time to time. The process is enjoyable as many believe you click a button, and that’s the end process, but believe me, many photographers I know have worked years to gain further skills to capture unique moments for their clients. I, myself, love working with people and have always been a generator (human design, thanks, Tulsi!) that enjoys being around people and bringing smiles where I can, even through the lens.

I’m not your average creative, and I’m always exploring new ways to manifest a different approach to the traditional ones placed out by the system. That’s the beauty of being creative, and you can be a free thinker in any situation, no matter how tough it is to most. I live each day knowing I will present something different. Photography has allowed me to give back to clients, showing them memories, whether in business or marriage.

If you’re someone who feels life is on pause, take on some art and have some time surrounded by you only, you’ll be surprised how interesting it gets when you let your mind be at ease.

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