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It's time to upgrade your brand, introducing Brappit!

A personal project with a purpose to fill the gap in the app market and help existing, as well as new customers push their brands to new heights.

I’ve been self educated in my approach to business and how I work with them and I have to emphasis how much patience you do have to have with your own website. The days of quick fix improvements has gone and the dynamics to getting your website in front of an audience has changed.

I do hope you find use to what is given and if you require any more insight, don’t ever hesitate to get in touch.

I’ve been a believer that you can never stop learning and Brappit is another personal project that I took time out to build. The aim is to offer brands a dynamic iOS and Android app that will open channels for more sales. Alongside this, I also have exclusive access to a kiosk system which I’ve built a framework round to put into retail stores.

Our technology allows you to convert your existing website into a Native Android or iOS app. The app will be synced directly to your website allowing you to concentrate on the business. Growing by the day, the app market has been a booming market for big corporations who could afford it. Brappit allows you to be part of the market and grow your business like never before. An estimate £100bn+ will be circulating to those with an app every year and you only need 0.01% of those sales to enjoy life more.
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