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Places are packed already and people have forgotten about Covid

Some may find this controversial and some will agree, but it’s only Tuesday and I’ve driven past a number of breakfast bars and pubs to find them packed! It’s an awesome feeling knowing the lockdown has eased, but don’t think people will expect another lockdown to come. Yes, I’m talking about lockdown 4.0 and if you do carry on reading, please know this is a matter of opinion.

It’s over a year since the first lockdown came, followed by another two and they always say it comes in three. For me, this is an early heads-up that they will plan one final lockdown should we carry on the way we are. Society has hit a point of ignorance and it seems like most will probably take it on their own accord to do whatever the hell they want. 

My point of view comes from the charts that show Gold and stocks stabilising as investors feel at ease with nations allowing the economy to get back to normal. But don’t get complacent people, I know its been a tough year, but should you think it’s over because the government has said so, then I would highly disagree. The higher powers have more mind-blowing stuff in place and if you’re someone like me who has ignored the news and been more awoken, you’ll start to realise we do live in a weird simulation. This is where most people will roll their eyes and slap me for being opinionated, but you really need to take a few steps back and see what is happening around us has been planned for a very long time.

It’s a great time now to support your businesses locally and help them repair the damage a year-long lockdown has caused. It’s unfortunate that it has caused mental stresses and personally, I’ve seen 3 businessmen end life because the stress was too much. Please keep checking in on everyone you know, if they say ‘they’re OK’, make sure they really are as that’s the general answer you’ll get from someone who really can’t be asked with life. Trust me, I’ve been there and it is a dark place, the best you can do is keep supporting them and also be the friend that has always cared.

Anway, once again, is mindful of what is happening around you as society is breaking down and is being dumbed down before our eyes.

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