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Monday Blues!? Not for us, it's been epic!

So you’ve joined the journey or are intrigued to find out what’s been happening. For those who remember, I (Terence Meghani) needed to setup back from Krazy Media and the journey came at a good time. As a brand, I always imagine Krazy Media being bigger than a bedroom designer and the elements of the business are changing daily.

Let’s rewind back to 2017 when most last heard of Krazy Media, though thriving, in the background issues and even threats, were made and a step back was needed. During this time I had to adapt to new ways of working, understanding, purpose and what I bring to the family of clients I’ve had for many years. Improving areas and still being there to consult, one business has taken multi-figures, while some are adapting post-pandemic. The pandemic was a highlight for many businesses that there was a need for digital and multiple channels are available to bring further innovation to the business.

2022 is here and the last three months of development have been utterly Krazy. We are now shareholders of one business helping them to franchise the brand and adapt alongside new businesses. Krazy Media will look to change the way startups and SME businesses view areas not ever envisioned before. The online world is being trusted if you set it upright and its amazing to see new businesses who’ve survived, take a new direction into the business.

Krazy Media never left, it just needed a break and had to adapt to new ways of thinking. We never predicated the pandemic, but inner understanding came through and we’ve returned to help brands out there.

Ensure you a look at some of the brands we’ve helped lately:

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