• July 2014, we began our Krazy Journey
  • 6 Months gone

    We're working with a number of clients including DDG, News UK and other leading companies within London. Great start to our Journey!
  • 1 Year gone

    It's been a great year of learning for Krazy Media as we develop more brands. We've also opened KarmaKai, which is a sister company focused on Wedding Photography.
  • Our client portfolio

    At this point our client portfolio was at 25+ and growing. Our team is still small and we're developing and learning through our experiences.
  • A Learning Experience

    A development within Krazy Media stops future projects whilst we focus on current projects. We allow 6 months for all these projects to be completed.
  • 6 Months has passed

    We've experienced one of the highest points in Krazy Media history as we learning and developed our Infrastructure by adding Krazy Hosting alongside Krazy Media.
  • At present, we're serving over 50+ clients and have now recruited a videography and graphic designer. The expansion begins and we're working alongside some great clients.