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Kemp Services LTD

With over 30 years of experience providing one-off and contract cleaning services across the UK, Kemp Services is an established and fast-growing company with a strong foundation and reputation.

We tailor our services to meet our customers exact’ needs and are flexible when the unexpected occurs. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services across all sectors to a myriad of businesses and endeavour to foster long-term relationships with all our customers.

Kemp services LTD are part of a business networking group I attend and had initially asked for their current site to be improved.

It’s easier said than done sometimes, as an old site will have expired frameworks and plugins that make it more difficult to upgrade. Sometimes it’s best to just redevelop the website and start from scratch, allowing new frameworks to be implemented for easier use in the future.

Having tried to upgrade the existing website, I had suggested we would be better off long term to design a new website from scratch, which was welcomed. It can be scary letting go of a website that you’ve invested in, but it was a job that I knew I could take on to make it easier to access information.

The new website has been developed to allow the business to further itself in a market already filled with many cleaning companies,  the difference being we’re more innovative and looking for growth.

Just take a look at the old and new website to see a comparison of how I can help re developing your website with better direction and flow.

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