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The Wedding Guru

In 2018, after over 7 years in the wedding industry, I decided it was time to put our extensive knowledge to good use and create The Wedding Guru.

With a refreshing take on connecting those planning a wedding with trusted industry professionals and with the help of Krazy Media, we are now launching our web-based app to further streamline this vital relationship.

A personal project developed solely to provide a utility tool to wedding vendors globally. It never reached its goal to the heights intended, but gave great experience.

If you haven’t got to know me personally, then hopefully we’ll meet soon, but anyone who knows me can definitely say I’m one for ideas and also creations. The Wedding Guru was a thought out project that spanned many months, with aims to step out of my comfort zone and test my own skills. Though the project never hit the highs it needed to, the experience gained around it was enough for me to push my self forward.

I had never created a business outside of my old brand and this was a first, with views to get investment and take my project global. It was 99% there until paths were blocked and I had to shelve the project. Everything shown was through my own creativity and also had intentions to open up to Thailand to serve the UK customers.

Hopefully in this lifetime I will be able to develop this project further and bring it to millions globally, but for now, you’ll get to enjoy the creativity and direction put behind ‘The Wedding Guru.’ 

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