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Don't go to your grave not taking the risks you wanted

Were you ever spoken to someone who only says ‘same shit, different day’? Yeah, it’s boring and cringes me out, your mind shouldn’t even have that sort of thinking, and it amazes me how many times I’ve heard this over the months. How were you not spending 2020 learning a skill or even more about yourself? Are you wanting to finish this lifetime, not taking any risks and living comfortably?

I’m not here to sell my services to you but tell you to take the risk that most fears you and the rest will place itself. I’m not saying my life has been all upwards; hell no… I’ve had points in my life over the years where I wanted to give up and return to what I thought was normal. I’ve had people tell me that I wasn’t great at what I do, but the only person I would be fooling with is myself if I gave up when they brought that negativity along.

Launching a business has always had some rules and goals set out, but trust me, those systemic ways should throw those out the window till you find what’s true to you. Even when you see it, it can take many years to innovate what you know and guess what; it’s only you who can fail at innovating. Imagine many years ago when I started as a ‘graphic designer or photographer’ and for a year or so, still believed I would only be that person for the rest of my life till I started taking risks.
I honestly have to thank the universe for the paths set out as it is constantly changing, and I have very few around me who talk to me regularly, knowing the positive vibes we’re journeying. Of course, people will laugh at you, be against you, take a part of your mojo away, but keep believing what is true to you and it will most certainly follow.

I’m about to launch four new websites for businesses, including the redevelopment of two that I have been part of for over four years. I never expected to take what I established for them when we started and innovate it further. I sometimes have to slap myself thinking how far I’ve come as an individual, and I sprang on this blog on a Saturday morning as things are honestly placing themselves out like a big ass jigsaw that will never end.

Please, people of this world, start fighting your fears, even if it’s losing weight, eating better, reading more or doing something different. You have on life, and the subsequent journey is what you take from this life; make it count.

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