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Utilize cloud-based business solutions to keep your business current and competitive.

Cloud services computing offers maximum security – say goodbye to expensive and ineffective self-hosted servers

Krazy cloud services provider provide cost-effective cloud services

Whether you have existing projects that require smooth transition into the cloud services or want to create a brand new Cloud-native product together, our experts can design, integrate, and deploy scalable applications that are untraceable by APIs and web browsers. In addition to helping you choose the right framework, we’ll help you deploy the most complex cloud solution successfully.

Developing cloud-based apps

By combining contemporary and competitive solutions with cloud technology, your business can soar. Commonly used in leading applications like LinkedIn and Dropbox, cloud services computing is sure to give your product an edge! Need cloud application consulting and development? We can help! We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate architecture for your organization, managing and optimizing your projects, and providing best practices and strategies tailored to your specific requirements.

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The deployment of cloud computing

A cloud-based virtual computing environment can provide your business with numerous flexible and scalable virtual resources, regardless of whether you want it to be SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Your existing infrastructure will be migrated to the cloud by us so you can choose the right cloud deployment model for your goals. We implement scalable, cloud-native solutions and a variety of cloud-based architectures (e.g. serverless, microservices, etc.).

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Do you want your company to be listed among the world’s biggest companies? Facebook, Netflix, NASA, McDonald’s, BBC, and many others are using Amazon Web Services for the development, deployment, and hosting of their apps! Amazon Web Services is the largest provider of cloud-based services today, regardless of the industry or the size of your company. Since Krazy is an AWS APN Select Consulting Partner, we know exactly what it takes to design and implement AWS architecture that is second to none.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is another option. Using Google Cloud, you can develop secure and easy-to-use applications, store large amounts of data, and utilize cloud computing services for web and mobile. In order to protect your data and infrastructure from fraudulent activity, Google pays special attention to security, so you can rest assured that your cloud solution is as secure as possible.

Businesses can benefit from
cloud services

View the most common advantages cloud solutions bring to the table if you are unsure whether cloud deployment is the right fit for your company.


Cost reduction

An appropriate cloud model will allow you to pay only for the services you use, which means that you will not have to pay upfront for infrastructure. Those benefits are key for any business.



It is inevitable that business technologies will change over time. Cloud solutions let you stay flexible and respond instantly to industry changes, seasonal fluctuations in traffic and other changes in load requirements – just select the resources that benefit your business at the time, and scale accordingly.


Quick implementation

An effective cloud solution is simpler and faster to implement than the development of your own infrastructure. Therefore, you have more time to experiment with different time-to-market strategies.



In case something happens, cloud services guarantee rapid return online in the event of any downtime. Downtime? Never mind! Cloud services have a number of mechanisms designed specifically to minimise downtime. With this protection, you can be protected if something goes wrong with the equipment, power outages, or even natural disasters – all at a much lower cost than self-hosted solutions.



Although cloud solutions may seem counterintuitive, they can be more secure in most cases than self-hosted solutions. By using their Shared Responsibility Model, cloud providers are dedicated to securing your data and you don’t have to worry about manual actualization – it gets handled automatically. If you need help setting up your product and implementing the proper security protocols, Krazy engineers can help.

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