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Pay per click advertising techniques that are highly effective and measurable

Pay per click advertising is an effective form of advertising across a wide range of industries without a doubt.

The most powerful form of advertising today is pay per click advertising

All developed countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and Europe, use Pay Per Click advertising as one of the most powerful marketing tools. Your ads appear at the exact time and place you choose for your chosen locations. You are entirely in control of whom sees your ads.

display network

Advertise on the Google Display Network to attract new customers through attractive ads. Here, you can choose from various intriguing formats and sizes, such as powerful text ads, static and animated images, rich media and video ads.

search network

Numerous search partners work with Google to place ads, which significantly increases the reach of your ads. Google search results are the most commonly used, but others work with Google.

shopping ads

You only pay when a potential customer clicks through to your website or views your local inventory. Pay per click advertising on your products where your customers are, the ones looking for what you are offering no matter where they are.

video advertising

Create compelling video campaigns on YouTube and across partnered video sites and apps, engaging your customers in multiple ways. YouTube is required to host all video advertisements.


Google ads and our partner advertisements are strategically placed on Google to reach this group during their browsing, increasing brand awareness and reminding them to make a purchase.

application marketing

App campaigns are simple and straightforward to set up, making it easy to promote your apps across the Google Search Network, the Google Play Store, YouTube, and the Display Network to the right users.

Why our pay per click advertising campaigns are considered as exemplary

1. Competitive Research

In a tough and competitive market, we use competitive intelligence to help you differentiate yourself. In choosing our services, you will increase your market share and we will devise a strategy tailored to your website and market needs. In order to reliably anticipate any situation, we leave no stone unturned and remain diligent at all times.

2. Keyword Research

Our custom campaign is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your service/business. Using Google’s own research tool, we use real search data to determine the best keywords to trigger your ads. We research them using Google’s own keyword research tool.

3. Remarketing

The purpose of this type of Pay per click advertising is to display ads to users who have previously visited your website. As a result, our design team can create striking visual advertisements that will appear on a wide variety of websites around the web. We will market directly to your customers only. This usually results in lower click costs and better lead conversions.

4. Banner ads and display network

To reach more potential customers, you can place your ads on various news sites, blogs, and other niche websites through the Google Display Network. Unlike search campaigns, display campaigns are more subtle and targeted at specific audiences than blanketing uninterested parties with unwanted ads.

See how we have helped brands

First Lady London
Metro Laundrette
La Royale Banqueting Suites
Al Jannah Villa Marrakech
Tulsi Vagjiani

Buy First Lady London products directly on their website

We've generated £1000's in sales through various channels

Expanding the franchise throughout the UK.

We're proud to be shareholders in metro.

Metro Laundrette & Dry Cleaners

We supported businesses throughout covid-19 and helped generate over £4M in sales

A tough road ahead made easy

Brand awareness for UK owners abroad

A beautiful villa in Marrakech, made easy to find with our branding.

Business Website Development

An inspiration to the world, Tulsi is close to our hearts

We will continually support brands that have an amazing caught and impact around the world.

Krazy Media is been helping businesses launch and further develop their growth over 10 years. We’ve worked with a variety of industries in the UK and worldwide.

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