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Research and Development

Having problems implementing your idea? Our research and development experts will assist you by using analysis backed by solid data to put your business on the right track.

Create a successful product & Service

In order to establish an emerging product on the right track or provide a competitive advantage to an already-released solution, research and development examine new technologies. To answer the question of what to expect from your business idea, our team approaches each case individually by identifying the most appropriate technical opportunities and main barriers.


You can be sure that your product will be found in the right market with a proof of concept that will be completed within 2 to 4 weeks. We test your ideas for feasibility, as well as to determine what needs to be improved or changed in your product through extensive market research, idea validation, rapid prototype research and development. Using this method, you can test your concept among targeted users and may be able to secure funding for it.

Research and Development

Research into Innovative Technologies

The purpose of innovation research is to evaluate the feasibility of your product idea. It is a series of short Innovation Sprints that take about 2 * 3 weeks to conduct. In the research, we analyse the potential for innovation of your product, whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, or the Internet of Things. Experiment with a new technology or make use of an existing one.

Plan and execute

In addition to ensuring that your product or service is marketable, viable, and understandable to the target consumers, our team will also assist you with understanding the data at hand. Putting your product on the market is always a scary process, but with our team of experts, it’ll feel less stressful. Data is essential in the modern age, and your product requires it.
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Choose Krazy as your research and development company


An all-inclusive company

In addition to research and development, design and development, and maintenance, our team will handle everything related to your project.


Our clients trust us

We emphasise open communication and client-focused work, and the results show that 90% of our clients are referrals.


Honored for our work

We’re unlike other companies and treat every business with care and attention. That’s why many of our clients have been with us for many years.

See how we have helped brands

First Lady London
Metro Laundrette
La Royale Banqueting Suites
Al Jannah Villa Marrakech
Tulsi Vagjiani

Buy First Lady London products directly on their website

We've generated £1000's in sales through various channels

Expanding the franchise throughout the UK.

We're proud to be shareholders in metro.

Metro Laundrette & Dry Cleaners

We supported businesses throughout covid-19 and helped generate over £4M in sales

A tough road ahead made easy

Brand awareness for UK owners abroad

A beautiful villa in Marrakech, made easy to find with our branding.

Business Website Development

An inspiration to the world, Tulsi is close to our hearts

We will continually support brands that have an amazing caught and impact around the world.

Krazy Media is been helping businesses launch and further develop their growth over 10 years. We’ve worked with a variety of industries in the UK and worldwide.

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