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Tips for improving your website (Part 2)

Since relaunching my own website, I have been busy with clients and helping them develop their business to further their growth. On top of that, I’ve added an average of 50 hours of YouTube self-education videos, which I wrote a blog about not too long ago. It’s been a great few months and thought its time to give you some more tips surrounding your website.

No matter what type of website you’re releasing or how to average your writing skills may be (like mine), I always recommend writing blogs, no matter what you feel others may think of it. I wasn’t much of a writer of blogs till this year, but with the added self-education and confidence, I’ve come to love writing more so often than ever. A great tool to check grammar and vocabulary comes in an online service called Grammarly, which I use often to check over my write-ups.

If you’re stuck on what to write about, message me and I can suggest a few articles.

This is probably the most obvious out of all the tips I give, but businesses still think paying a low budget on a website will get them more business. In the last few weeks, I’ve redeveloped a few websites for current, as well as new clients. It still astounds me how many websites have been developed half-heartedly or without consideration of the business.  Please consider your website as a core marketing tool and if you need a consultation, get in touch with me.

Have you submitted your website to search engines? If not, I’d highly recommend getting sitemap XML created and uploaded to search engines for people to find your brand easily. There are a number of tools that can help you create one, though I’d recommend getting an expert hired to optimise this further.

A business is a brand, but why can’t have that personal touch? I know we’re trying to look professional and corporate, but I feel the tide is changing in the way people perceive our businesses and would like a more personal touch around the website, even if its meeting your team or introducing the business.

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